Harvard alums

There was also a section violinist in the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra present in the Harvard reunion. It is expected all Harvard reunions are full of successful people since it is regarded as the most prestigious school in the whole world. You have got to be super smart in order to get in and even smarter to graduate from it. The offers for Harvard alums are incredibly high but some companies are ran by Stanford alums so it would depend on them if they want their fellow Stanford alums to work for them or not.


It is ironic how Zuckerberg would make his roomate his Facebook spokesperson as most Harvard alums would not really prefer to work for their classmates after graduating since it would be a big shot to their ego. It is no secret Harvard students have a hard time studying because of their terror professors but it will all be worth it after they graduate because they will be able to land their dream jobs. They must show the companies who take a look at their transcript of records that they are more than deserving of working in their company.