It is pretty ironic how Zuckerberg never graduated from Harvard but he is the most successful person of the batch. When 6 2006 Harvard batch alums died, they decided to hold a mini reunion at Kirkland House which is actually the same place Zuckerberg started Facebook. Nobody made any slight bit of evidence that they are envious of Zuckerberg so they resorted to admiring his accomplishments. They are aware how much Facebook is worth right now due to the number of users it has and the number of companies who are willing to advertise there. Even if Zuckerberg and his room mates became so rich, their other Harvard batch mates were not actually keen on entering the tech industry right away as most of them jumped to the finance industry. They proceeded to go where their heart told them to go to and that is definitely the best decision since it is not all about the money but all about what your heart wants.